Version 0.2.2, a few fixes, compatible with MLF versions 20220529.1 and 20220803.1 (Themes)

by Auge @, Monday, April 24, 2023, 23:02 (416 days ago) @ Auge


I released a new version of the theme Responsive 1 which is compatible with the My Little Forum versions 20220529.1 and 20220803.1. Passwords will not be exposed to external services for spell checking anymore. I also fixed a few usability bugs. The styling of radio buttons and checkboxes, that hides the elements itself and replaces them with graphics or styling of their lables, was done with display: none; in some cases. All form elements that got hidden with display: none; was not accessible for keyboard users. Additionally the order of elements, steered with the attribute tabindex, was confusing in a few forms. Removing the attribute occurences with exception of the cases, where an element shouldn't be accessible by keyboard, restores the natural order of occurence in the source code/DOM.

Regarding the browser compatibility, the list in the message about version 0.1.1 is no longer valid. Please see the new list in the release entry for version 0.2.1 instead.

Please report issues and opinions here or on Github.

Tschö, Auge

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