Version 0.1.1, more flexbox boxes (Themes)

by Auge @, Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 12:58 (2322 days ago) @ Auge


The theme Responsive 1 is available in version 0.1.1. You can use it in devices with narrow viewport and meanwhile also with wider viewports. You can test it in this installation with an active user account. Therefore you have to select it in your personal settings. Keep in mind that you see the default template when you are not logged in.

It is strongly not recommended to use the theme as default theme in a forum because of it's current incompleteness. Neither the choice of colours is nearly finished nor has the work on the icon theme begun. On a few places I'm still using the old icons on other places I removed them. So this is really inconsistent at the moment.

The following section is as of 2023-04-21 no longer valid. Please see the corresponding section in the release entry for version 0.1.20 for the new list.

The theme works because of the exclusive use of the official flexbox implementation with the following browsers (list from the corresponding CanIuse?-Page, so I give no warranty for it's completness):

- MS Edge
- IE Mobile 11
- Firefox 28 (and newer)
- Chromium 29 (and newer) and it's derivates (i.e. Opera, Vivaldi)
- Safari 9 (and newer)
- Safari for iOS 9.2 (and newer)
- Opera Mini
- Opera Mobile 12.1 (and newer)
- Android Stock Browser 4.4 (and newer)
- Chrome Android 62
- Firefox Android 57
- Blackberry 10
- Samsung Internet 4
- Baidu 7.12
- QQ 1.2

Tschö, Auge

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