New release, version 2.4.7, raised system requirement for PHP (Announcements)

by Auge @, Friday, January 05, 2018, 00:06 (2393 days ago)


We are proud to announce a new version of My Little Forum. It's the version 2.4.7.

The minimal PHP version has raised to PHP 5.4!

As mentioned before in the (actually unreachable) thread in the original project forum, one can update only from version 2.3.5 upwards.

For the list of changes read the release announcement on Github. I want to point especially to the last section in the announcement, the section about the changes in the language files. Please read it carefully, regardless if you use one of the translations or you want to begin with a new translation.

For questions about the changes ask here please.

Tschö, Auge

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