Development of a script to show the latest X postings on a forum-external-page, version 0.2.1 (Announcements)

by Auge @, Wednesday, March 06, 2019, 22:49 1967 days ago


In the MLF-project forum the question about a script to show the latest postings on a separate page came up. After a consultation with the MLF-project-forum-member Alfie, who wrote such a script for his own forum (MLF1.8 beta) he handed the source code out to me and I began to rewrite the script for the up-to-date versions of MLF (2.4.x). The result is a small script that is adaptable to an existing website. The script works when installed on the webspace, where the MLF2-forum itself is installed. Currently the script works on a separate page but it is planned to introduce a template for inclusion in an existing web page in the near future.

- configure the script in the INI file
- load the database settings (database credentials, table names) directly from the forum installation
- adjust the HTML structure in the templates
- adjust the styling in the CSS file

You can download the script in its current version v0.2.1 from the Git repository on Github.

Please ask your questions here in this thread or open an issue on Github.

Tschö, Auge

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